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ave the shortest kind of tails, and a good many of them haven't any tails at all any more than a rabbit. You know we expect every kitten in America to play

  • with her tail, and what can she do when she has no tail to p

  • lay with? I think that must be the reason why the Japanese cats are so solemn, and w

  • hy they won't play as our cats do. I have tried to find out how it

  • all happens, but nobody can tell. Doctor Bronson says the

  • kittens are born without tails, and that is all he knows about it.

  • I think they must be a different kind of cat from ours; but, apart from the

  • absence of tails, they don't look any way dissimilar. Some

  • body says that an American once took one of these tailless c


  • great numbe

    ats to San Francisco as a curiosity, and that it would never make friends with any long-tailed c

  • r of games t

    at. It would spit and scratch, and try to bite off the other cat's tail; but one

  • hat were pro

    day, when they put it with a cat whose tail had been cut off by a bad boy, it was fri

vided for
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